Welcome to Clubul Sportiv De Cricket Timis

Greetings and Welcome to Clubul Sportiv De Cricket Timis and Cricket Timis Center – A youth development center in Rural Romania.


Our mission is focused on “Enabling Sustained Youth Development”in Romania.
This aspirational journey,by employing various methods of human engagement like Cricket, Personality development, and Knowledge enhancement will look to enhance the prospects of engaging, enabling, developing and integratingall youth in the rural areas initially in Timis County, and eventually across Romania.


Our vision is to provide a platform for all young people, irrespective of background and ability, an everyday opportunity to gain theintensity to succeed in life, build their character by focusing on acting with sensitivity in life, and pursue their aims and passion with unyielding integrity. This we intend to achie ve by providing them an opportunity of attending sustained interventions to enhance their self belief, self-esteem, health, education and future socio-economic potential, through Cricket and other Personality development programs.


Grass root development work of Cricket Timis, in association with Cricket Romania in villages of Sinandrei, Carani, Fibis, Giarmata in Timis County, Romania

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Clubul Sportiv De Cricket Timis and Cricket Timis Academy
Address: Cricket Timis Center Timsioara, Romania..
Mob: +40 736388169
Email: info@crickettimis.com, crickettimis@gmail.com